How to Stay on Track With Your Goals

How to Stay on Track With Your Goals

How are You Doing with Your New Year’s Resolution(s)?

There are three words that when said together, evoke feelings of dread or even failure - especially in February when many of us have moved on from our…

New Year’s Resolutions!

This year, though, conversations about New Year’s Resolutions seemed to focus more on finding a mantra or word for 2023, or something to do more of rather than something to give up.

How did you handle the resolution bandwagon this year?

Did you go all out and make a vision board?

Did you search all of Google for the best inspirational words of intention?

Have you been successful in making one small change?

Did you toss it all out the window before mid-January?

Did you decide to skip it altogether?

Whatever you did regarding your New Year’s Resolution (or mantra, word, small change, etc.), we can all agree that it is all too easy to fall off track. In fact, 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February, and 91% fail at some point during the year.

Are you ready to be part of the 9% success rate for New Year’s Resolutions?

(Did you know that the highest percentage of resolutions for 2023 involved improving mental health?! If you’re interested in New Year’s Resolution statistics, check out this article from Forbes.)

6 Tips for Sticking With Your New Year’s Resolution

Let’s be real. Chances are pretty good that more than half of the people reading this have given up on their New Year’s Resolution. And that’s okay!

When you need or want to make a change, you don’t need to wait around until January 1… you have the power to make the change when it works best for you!

Whether you’re holding on to your resolution from earlier this year or you are ready for a fresh start toward a new resolution, here are 6 tips to help you achieve success:

  1. Choose a resolution that is actually feasible! Are you going to give up all sugar and processed foods for the entire year? Maybe, but probably not. Can you start with a commitment to switching one snack each day to a more healthful option? That seems more likely!
  2. Be specific! Gray areas are not at all helpful when it comes to resolutions. For example, the always-popular resolution to make an effort to move more involves a lot of gray (ie. it  could include walking from the kitchen table to the couch!) However, committing to a 30 minute walk or bike ride at least 4 days a week is clear, and still has a little wiggle room.
  3. Track your success! Take pictures, use an app, make a sticker chart, keep a log. Whatever it is, track it in a way that works - and will continue to work - for you.

If you are eating one healthful snack a day, write your snack on a calendar and then you can visibly see how well you are doing and refer to it on days when you need snack inspiration.

If you are exercising a few days a week, download a free app so you can record your workout right after it’s complete. Check out Strong, Jefit, Simple Workout Log - or do a search to find the one you like most. 

Celebrate small achievements! Give yourself time to reach your goals and come up with smaller goals to meet on your way to the big goal. Let’s go back to the two examples.

Perhaps your ultimate resolution is to choose healthful snacks the majority of the time. You are easing in with choosing one healthful snack per day. When you have done this for a week or a month, this is an achievement and it is time for a small celebration!

The same thought process can be used for exercise - celebrate when you meet your exercise goals for a week, a month, 3 months, etc.!

  1. Hold yourself accountable! Some of us can hold ourselves accountable, while others benefit from finding an Accountability Partner. If you can rely on yourself, keep it up! If a partner will help keep you on track, find someone who you know will regularly check in and offer motivation and encouragement - and do the same for them!
  2. When possible, make things easy and automatic! Plan it out! Put healthful snack choices into containers so you can grab and go. Put reminders into the app or your phone, so you know when it’s time to take an exercise break. *Adding simple automations is great for other areas of your life, too! (See more ideas below.)

Forget about the fact that we are well past January 1. Just shorten “New Year’s Resolution” to “Resolution” and begin now - or when the time is right for you!

3 Ideas for Adding Simplicity to Your Life

As life continues to get busier, many of us are searching for ways to simplify anything and everything we can.

These 3 ideas will give you some of your time back: 

  1. Ask “Alexa” for Help! Alexa seems to be in more homes than not, and there is so much she can help us do! How often do you go to the grocery store or pick up an order and then realize you forgot something - and then need to make a second trip? Well, instead of thinking of something you need and getting distracted before adding it to your list, ask Alexa to add it to your list right away! Click here for a ‘How To’ from Amazon.
  2. Pick Up or Delivery! Thanks to the pandemic, there are so many more pickup and delivery options - and many are free or inexpensive! Instead of getting lost for an hour while running in to Target for two things (and leaving with 20 things or more), place an order and pick it up or have it brought to your car. Make sure to check out the services that your local grocery store provides, too!
  3. Subscribe and Save (Money and Time!) Amazon may be the first retailer that comes to mind when you read the words “Subscribe and Save” but they are not the only ones who offer automatic subscription services! These days, subscriptions are available for so many things. So, instead of trying to remember to reorder something and then actually placing the order, you can have regularly-ordered items delivered to your home - automatically!

*Did you know that Kate Ryan Skincare has a subscription program? *

Benefits of Kate Ryan Skincare’s Subscription Program

Many of our wonderful customers have enrolled in the KRS Subscribe & Save program - and have expressed their appreciation for this service. We’re honored that 75% of our orders come from existing clients, so we started our Subscription program to reward our clients on every subscription order and simplify one more thing in your life. And, we have the benefit of better forecasting for our small batch production.  

With Subscribe & Save, skincare products arrive at your front door automatically, on the schedule you set. Resolve to make self-care and consistency in your skincare regimen something wonderful you do for yourself. It’s simple, it’s easy, and you’ll love the results.

Benefits of Subscribe & Save:

  • 10% off
  • Free shipping every time
  • Select the frequency for you
  • Skip or cancel anytime
  • It’s automatic!

How to Sign Up for Subscribe & Save:

  1. Visit the KRS website and shop for the products you’d like.
  2. When you click on a product, you will see an option for a “One-Time Purchase” or “Subscribe & Save.”
  3. Check the “Subscribe & Save” box.
  4. Select if you would like the product to ship every month, 2 months, or 3 months.
  5. Add to Cart!
  6. Check Out!

Yes, it really is as easy as that!

Please email us at if you have any questions. If you sign up for Subscribe & Save, we’d love to know how it is working for you, so send us an email!

Now… let’s get started raising that low (9%!) percentage of people who don’t succeed in achieving their resolution(s.) We have the tools! We can do this!