The Basics of a Double Cleanse

The Basics of a Double Cleanse
Spring is here!
It’s a change of seasons, and well, let’s admit it: our whole lives have changed recently, haven’t they? New work habits, new routines and a whole lotta extra stress as we adjust to this new normal. 
Whether you’ve been cooped up inside or sitting for hours on end in your backyard, we think it’s a great time to consider switching up your skincare routine for spring. We’re going to tell you about our favorite: the double cleanse.
What’s a double cleanse?
A double cleanse is exactly that: washing your face twice in a row, first with an oil cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser. It’s a luxury we don’t usually have time for. But now, well, we’ve got some extra time on our hands.
Why would you want to wash your face twice? Oil and water-based cleansers work in different ways. By stacking them, you’re hitting dirt and build-up with a double-whammy, leaving your skin especially radiant and stimulated and providing skin with both oil-soluble and water-soluble nutrients.
Step 1: Begin with an oil cleanser
An oil cleanser is specifically designed to grab ahold of dirt, pollution and grime, allowing impurities to be whisked away. We recommend our Nutritive Oil Cleanser, which is specially formulated to leave your skin moisturized.
Step 2: Wash with a gentle water-based cleanser
We love our Salicylic Cleanser, which gently exfoliates the surface of your skin and penetrates into pores to help combat acne and inflammation, while moisturizing, fighting free radicals, and promoting elasticity and firmness.  
This double cleanse routine is best done at night, where it has the chance to slough off all the dirt, grime and sunscreen from the day before you hit the pillow! Timing is everything - your bedtime routine is key to the health of your skin (more to come on that soon!). 
If you’re implementing the double cleanse at night, you might want to finish off with our Total Nutrition Night Repair Complex. It’s a powerful combination of nutrients and antioxidants to hydrate, protect, repair past damage, and boost collagen production… and Lab Muffin just named it her “favorite all-in-one product”. So, yeah, we’re pretty jazzed about that.
Every day we choose to nourish our skin with optimal cleansing in just a few minutes of self-care, our complexion will thank us with its most gorgeous glow.
A couple more musts for spring...
Looking for a couple extra tweaks for your spring routine? 
The biggest change you’ll want to do is swap your heavy-duty winter moisturizer for one with a lighter touch. We recommend our Complete Daily Moisture - it’s a lightweight moisturizer with a silky finish. It leaves your skin fresh and glowing, provides anti-aging benefits and works as a fabulous canvas for makeup application, all-in-one easy step!
And in case you need a reminder, don’t skimp on the sunscreen! Even if you are spending the same amount of time outside, the sun’s UV rays get stronger as we move to summer. And let’s admit it, we all are probably going to spend even a bit more time in them! So, slather on a healthy dose of SPF - on your face, neck and any exposed skin. Bonus points if you make wearing a skin-shielding hat a stylish habit! 

We’re sending you hugs during this complicated time and we’re hoping this simple routine will offer you groundedness and calm! Don't forget, you can always save 10% whenever you order 3 or more individual products, using code: MyCollection. Three cheers for beautiful, healthy skin!

Wishing you all the best,

Erica & Bev

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