Tips for Organizing and Storing Your Skincare Products

Tips for Organizing and Storing Your Skincare Products

Are you in the mood to organize? Based on all of the organization photos that we are seeing on Instagram, you are not alone! Somehow, spending so much time at home has resulted in more messes, more clutter, and less order. Gone are the beginning-of-the-pandemic days of frenzied cleaning, decluttering, organization, and home projects! But spring will be here before we know it, and I think we are all hopeful for a much more normal spring of 2021, which means… it’s officially time to think about spring cleaning (and organizing!)

If you haven’t gotten started with organizing, we suggest starting small. Begin with a project that won’t be as time consuming as tackling your basement, but will result in great satisfaction. Ease into organizing by rearranging your skincare! We promise, you won’t be sorry!

Benefits of Skincare Organization

There are some obvious benefits of skincare organization. It looks better and you’ll have less frustration finding what you need or making space to put it back.

Organizing your skincare products will also save you time! When you don’t have to search for a product because you know exactly where it is and where it goes, you’ll have more time to do other things – or at least you’ll feel less rushed.

It also may help you stay more dedicated to your morning and evening skincare routines. If your cleanser is easy to find, that is one less excuse for not washing your face at night!

How to Organize Your Skincare Products

There are a few different methods for skincare organization, so you can choose what works best for you! And if something doesn’t work, try a different method! Or, come up with your own (and tell us about it!) Here are a few ways to organize your products:

  1. Organize by Your Skincare Routine. Take a look at all of your products, then move them into three groups: products in your morning routine, products in your evening routine, and products that you use but not on a daily basis.
If you are using a shelf system, maybe you can put morning products on the top shelf, evening products on the middle shelf, and occasional products on the lower shelf. If you are using an organizer, Lazy Susan or bins under your sink, you can try to store the products for each routine in a section together.
  1. Organize by Product Type. Another way to organize your products is by type: cleansers, moisturizers, serums. This way, if it’s time to moisturize, you know exactly where to look!

Again, arrange the products together on a shelf, organizer, Lazy Susan, or bins. When they are grouped together, you know exactly where to put it back for easy access the next day!

  1. Organize by Color. This may not be the most functional method, but it will look fun and interesting! If all else fails, organizing skincare products by color could be worth a try!

Tips and Tricks for Skincare Organization

First things first: tackle the clutter situation by getting rid of anything that is old or that you don’t use! Once that is taken care of, you’ll see how much space you need! A small investment may have a big impact in getting you organized and helping you stay that way.

  1. Countertop Organizing Systems. There are many skincare and makeup organizing systems that look nice and will make your life easier. This Makeup System from The Container Store is inexpensive and customizable.
If you prefer white over clear, this Storage with Drawers from Amazon is another great, inexpensive option.
If you don’t mind investing more money into your organization or if something with a more elegant look would be a better fit in your bathroom, you’ll want to check out this Glass Organizer from Wayfair
  1. Lazy Susans. Kate Sobelman (@the-organic-esthetician) first introduced us to the Lazy Susan skincare organization technique when she posted hers on Instagram. This Lazy Susan from The Container Store has three removable bins that are a great way to keep you organized based on routine or product type.
Another option is this 6-Layer Lazy Susan from Amazon designed to find products easily and save space on your bathroom counter!
  1. Bins for Drawer Organization. If you have enough drawer space, you have the opportunity to keep your countertops clear! However, drawers become messy and disorganized very quickly, so you’ll want to be prepared with a drawer organization system. The Home Edit Organizer Bins from The Container Store come in all different shapes and sizes, and you can make your selections based on the sizes of your products and what will fit in your drawer.
This 5-Section Organizer from The Container Store is a multipurpose storage system that can be used in a drawer or stacked on a counter. If you don’t know which will be best for you and your bathroom, this system may be a good option so that you have the opportunity to try both ways!
Drawer dividers are great for organization and these Bamboo Drawer Dividers from Amazon will make your drawers look beautiful! You could organize by skincare product type or skincare routine!
  1. Skincare Wall Shelf. When you don’t have room on your bathroom counter and drawer space is lacking as well, wall shelves can be great (especially for containers that won’t break if dropped!) This 2-Tier Wall Shelf from Wayfair would look nice in a bathroom and would be an easy way to keep your skincare products organized.
Spice racks actually make great wall shelves, and you won’t have to worry as much about your products falling and breaking. Check out this inexpensive but cute Spice Rack from IKEA!
Here is another spice rack turned skincare wall shelf that may go better with your bathroom décor. This chrome Spice Rack is from Amazon.
  1. Skincare Fridge. It’s true: some skincare products will last longer if they are kept chilled, with an ideal storage temperature of 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit. If the ventilation in your bathroom isn’t great and it remains humid for a while after you shower, there is risk of accelerated deactivation of the actives in some skincare products. While they aren’t a necessity, you may want to take a look - skincare fridges are pretty cute!
The Astro Mini Fridge from Amazon comes in five colors and ranges in cost from $45.99-49.99. The Makeup Fridge from is $79.99 and comes in white and pale pink. The FaceTory Beauty Fridge from Amazon comes in coral and mint and costs $89. A quick search will result in many other options as well.
If you want one and have space in your bathroom, storing specific products in your skincare fridge allows for more space to organize other products elsewhere! To learn more about the skincare fridge, we liked this article from

Get Started!

The hardest part is often getting started! So that is Step One!

  1. Make the decision to organize your skincare products!
  2. Go through your products and decide how to organize them in a way that is most helpful for you.
  3. Determine if you need to purchase an organizer – and do it!
  4. Organize your products.
  5. Take time to appreciate the extra time, minimized frustrations, and more appealing bathroom!
  6. Stick to it! (Put your products back once you use them!)

We’d Love to Hear from You!

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Send us your Skincare Shelfie or Skincare Lazy Susan or Skincare Drawers! We can use these photos to motivate one another! 

Happy Organizing!

Article written by: Jennifer McGhee, Mom, Friend, Business-Owner