Skin Benefits of Drinking Water: Tips to Stay Hydrated

Skin Benefits of Drinking Water: Tips to Stay Hydrated

Tips to Stay Hydrated

For those of us who live in the Midwest, even in May, it can be hard to imagine that the temperatures will soon skyrocket. Instead of complaining about the cold rain and the wet snow that fell on Mother’s Day (yes, that really happened), we will soon complain about the intense and stifling heat.

Hydration is important regardless of the season or temperature, but is especially important in the hot summer months. The general recommendation, called the 8x8 rule, is that you drink eight 8 ounce glasses (64 oz) of water each day. However, the Institute of Medicine recommends that men drink at least 101 ounces and women drink at least 74 ounces of water daily. Another guideline we've seen from many nutritionists is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water, daily. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, the recommendation is to drink 75 ounces of water throughout the day. 

Why It’s Important to Stay Hydrated

We all know that it’s important to stay hydrated. We probably know how our bodies feel when we are dehydrated – and we know we want to avoid that! Here are seven reasons why you’ll want to make hydration a priority:

1. Hydration helps with energy levels, mood, and memory. 

Studies have shown a link between dehydration and aspects of brain function including mood, ability to focus, memory, fatigue, and feelings of anxiety. If staying hydrated can help with any one of these things, that is reason enough to refill your glass!

2. Hydration enables you to get the most out of your workout. 

If you are dehydrated when exercising, you could have increased fatigue, decreased motivation, and difficulty controlling body temperature. Each of these issues will lead to a sub-par workout performance. If you’re putting in the time to exercise, you want it to be effective, right?!

3. Hydration may prevent and relieve specific health issues including headaches, constipation, and kidney stones. 

There is a link between dehydration and the health issues listed above. Increased water consumption is typically recommended as a treatment and relief method for each of these health issues. Water alone aids in digestion by promoting the breakdown of foods. Mineral water is specifically recommended for constipation because it contains high levels of magnesium and sodium. Water is a naturally powerful way to prevent and alleviate many common health issues!

4. Hydration can assist with weight loss. 

Increased water intake can promote weight loss by increasing your metabolism and satiety (feeling full.) Studies have found that drinking water thirty minutes before a meal is most effective because it makes you feel full, and you therefore consume fewer calories. If weight loss is your goal, increased water consumption is an easy way to start!

5. Hydration promotes skin health.

This one is important to us, and hopefully it’s important to you, too! Dehydration can make your skin more vulnerable to skin disorders. Staying hydrated is essential for skin elasticity and helps minimizes signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, it helps prevent acne because dry skin can trigger excess oil production. Last, hydration is key for glowing skin, and glowing skin is something for which we all strive!

6. Hydration lubricates the joints. 

Dehydration can reduce the joints’ ability for shock absorbing, which can lead to joint pain. Staying hydrated will keep joint pain away – or at least minimize it.

7. Hydration is successful in averting hangovers. 

Alcohol is a diuretic, so it causes the body to take out more liquid than it is bringing in. If you’ve ever woken up with a hangover, you never want that to happen again (and yet, it does.) However, consuming water in between drinks or after overindulging in alcoholic beverages can reduce dehydration, therefore contributing to no hangover symptoms – or at least a lesser version!

Outside the Box Hydration Techniques

Now we know why hydration is important – the new trick is how to stay hydrated! Hydration can get and feel old and repetitive. We hear over and over that it’s good to drink a lot of water, but water can get boring, right?! However, sometimes just changing small things or doing things a little different or adding in a challenge could result in us wanting to drink more water! So, let’s think outside the box with these five hydration techniques!

1. Treat yourself to a new water bottle!

If you’re drinking out of a refillable water bottle that you really like, you may be inclined to drink more, which obviously leads to better hydration! Here are some water bottles that make us need to refill more often:

Que Expandable Water Bottle – It is lightweight and compact, making it the perfect on-the-go water bottle. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe!

Time Marker Water Bottle – There are many different options for water bottles with time markers or measurements. This particular water bottle comes in fun color combinations and has motivational messages!

The Coldest Water Bottle – Water is most refreshing when it’s cold and this water bottle definitely keeps it cold for a long time! There are plenty of sizes and colors from which to choose.

2. Flavor your water!

The taste of water (or lack of taste) can get old, boring, repetitive, etc. There are a lot of naturally flavored sparkling water brands to choose from now, but it’s also fun to try different ways to flavor your own water. Keep it simple! Fill a pitcher with water and add some cucumber slices (or berries, lemon slices, orange slices, etc.) Even a slight change in flavor may be just want your tastebuds need to keep the hydration going!

There are a ton of great Infused Water Combinations that you may not think to put together. Plus, when you use real foods, you increase the nutritional value and benefits! For example, Detox/Anti-Inflammatory water includes grapes, raspberries, cucumber, pineapple, lemon, and pomegranate! How amazing does that sound?!

3. Use an app!

It’s easy to get busy or distracted and forget to drink, and then all of a sudden, you realize that you haven’t taken a sip for hours! We use apps for everything, so why not use an app to track your water intake and give you reminders? Here are a few of the most highly-rated free apps:

Daily Water Tracking Reminder is for both iPhones and Android. You set your water intake goals and update the app (with just a tap) each time you drink 1 ounce. You can get a stats update after each glass so you know how close you are getting to your goal. Plus, you can review 7 and 30-day charts to track your overall progress!

My Water & Drink Reminder for iPhones calculates how much water you should drink based on your body measurements, provides regular notification reminders to drink water, gives a visual of how much water you’ve consumed, and rewards you when you reach your goals!

Drink Water Reminder for Android uses cute water droplets as reminders to drink water. This app provides graphs and logs to show daily water intake, and can sync with Google Fit and S Water.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables!

Many fruits and vegetables have naturally high water content. Fruits with the highest water content include watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, peaches, and oranges. The most hydrating vegetables include cucumbers, lettuce, celery, tomatoes (yes, we know they are technically considered a fruit!), and zucchini. Most of these are in season during summer, so they’ll be easy to find and delicious to consume!

5. Incorporate other hydrating foods into your diet. 

Eating soup, smoothies, and even homemade popsicles made with fresh fruit are more obvious options. Did you know that oatmeal is also very hydrating, and can be eaten warm or cold (overnight oats)?

Hydrating Skincare Products

Changing up your skincare routine twice each year – for fall/winter and spring/summer – may be something to consider if you want your skin to look and feel its best year-round. As the weather warms, pay attention to your skin to determine what it may need. Kate Ryan Skincare has a variety of products that will help keep your skin hydrated. Here are three of our most popular hydrating products:

Kate’s Energizing Facial Mist is a product that can be used year-round, but it definitely gains popularity in warmer months. Not only does it give your skin a refreshing look and feel, but it hydrates, brightens, and calms your skin as well. After, or even during, a long day at the pool, your skin needs some TLC and Energizing Facial Mist is a quick and effective solution!

If you’re looking for hydration, why not use a product with hydration in its name? Kate’s Hyaluronic Acid Hydration Serum replenishes the skin’s hydration while balancing moisture and protection. Along with hydration, this Serum penetrates deeply to improve the skin’s smoothness and elasticity for the long term.

Any discussion of skincare hydration should include a moisturizer! Kate’s Complete Daily Moisture is a lightweight moisturizer that not only offers hydration but has anti-aging benefits as well. The active ingredients work together during the day or overnight to improve, moisturize, and protect the skin.

These are just a few KRS products that offer hydration. Click here for a complete list of skincare products that work to benefit skin hydration.

In Conclusion

Hydration is important, and it doesn’t have to be boring! There are ways to get around plain water if that’s not your thing. However you can get yourself to make hydration a priority will be a good thing for your overall health! If you have suggestions for water recipes or other hydration techniques, please send them our way!

Also, if you’d like to discuss which products are best for your skin, please email us! We would love to hear from you!

Cheers (with water of course) and be well!



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