Skincare Tips For Brides and Bridesmaids

Skincare Tips For Brides and Bridesmaids

Pampering yourself and taking care of your skin is essential every day. But your skin should be at its best on the most special day of your life, right?

Your closest friends and family members will be at the wedding. You want them to see you happy and radiant. And of course, you’ll want to look gorgeous in the wedding photos!

If you’re a bridesmaid, then your best friend’s wedding is bound to be one of the most precious days of your life, too.

Besides supporting the bride-to-be and making sure that she looks and feels her best before, during, and after the ceremony, you also need to take care of your skin’s needs.

Whether you are the bride or a bridesmaid, looking great on the wedding day is a must. You’ll want to greet old acquaintances and guests not just with a bright smile but also with glowing skin.

A special day requires a special skincare routine, so we’ve compiled a list of skincare tips for brides and bridesmaids below.

1. Assess your skin early.

How long do you have before the wedding?

If you want to set everything right about getting your skin in top form, it is best to assess your skin early. A year or six months before the wedding is not too soon; visible changes in your skin take time. After all, wedding or not, it is vital to know what your skin needs. Even if you don’t have a year to prepare, it still matters that you know your skin type and skin conditions, if any.

2. Visit a professional for advice and treatment.

Visiting a dermatologist or skincare specialist should not be the last resort when it comes to skincare. Professionals can give you sound advice about products to use or avoid. They can also perform or at least refer you to people who can give you skin treatment.

Get a professional facial to address the specific skin issues you want to resolve before the big day. It is best to have monthly facials as early as you can and continuing the benefits with a highly nutritive at-home regimen. Especially with in-office procedures like chemical peels, laser treatments, micro needling, etc., your skin will require some time to heal, with best results often being seen at 4-6 weeks. Generally, you'll see the best results with a series of treatments, not just one. It also takes time to figure out what works best for your skin type, so get facials regularly and start early.

3. Cleanse your skin regularly.

Daily cleansing is a must in every pre-wedding skincare routine!

Use a gentle makeup remover and then a foaming cleanser. This is a variation of the “double cleansing” technique popularized by Korean beauty gurus and enthusiasts. Double cleansing involves two washes. The first wash involves an oil-based product while the second wash involves a water-based cleanser. Cleansing oils bind to and strip away dirt and dead skin from the skin’s surface and also act as a makeup remover. As a result, the second wash can penetrate deeper into the skin and cleanse more effectively. We recommend our perfect cleanse kit for an easy 2-step cleansing routine that leaves your skin beautifully clean and nourished

4. Stay hydrated.

Forgetting to drink water in the midst of hectic wedding preparations is a common occurrence.

But this should not go unchecked because hydration is crucial to making your skin glow. Set reminders for drinking water throughout the day and include water-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet. Remember that the water in your body helps the skin cells get the nutrients they need. Herbal teas are also recommended for hydrating your skin. Click here for more healthy tips on hydrating your body and skin.

5. Use moisturizer that suits your skin.

Don’t just use any moisturizer for your skin. Not all moisturizers will have the same effect because people have different skin concerns and skin types. For example, oily skin still requires moisture but perhaps not as much. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need a moisturizer. Meanwhile, for dry skin, choose products with hyaluronic acid, lipids and actives that protect the skin barrier. If your skin is prone to breakouts, choose moisturizers that are non-comedogenic. Fragrance-free products are best for sensitive skin.

6. Watch your stress levels.

It’s no secret that stress causes breakouts and gives you a haggard look.

So, delegate tasks as much as you can, and make time for rest and relaxation. Get a massage, meditate, or go out for a delicious meal. Take a break from bridal duties so that you can go back to them in high spirits. Giving your face a simple massage with a facial roller a week before the wedding can help drain excess fluid from the skin and reduce inflammation. 

Because stress has such a big impact on our skin, we dedicated a blog article with our top tips for combatting the negative effects of stress on the skin - more here!

7. Eat healthy and exercise.

Avoid sugar and processed foods can cause a blood sugar spike and lead to skin inflammation. So eat less of these types of food before the wedding. Instead, eat food that can aid skin hydration like grapefruit, cucumbers, kale, tomatoes, and watermelons.

Also, don't forget to have regular exercise so that you can sweat the impurities out of your body. 

Final tip for bridal skincare

Bridal skincare shouldn’t be too different from your usual skincare routine if you’re already doing it right. Then again, there are extra steps you need to take for that beautiful bridal glow, so take note of these skincare tips for brides and bridesmaids:

  • Assess skin
  • Get professional help
  • Cleanse
  • Hydrate
  • Choose skin-specific moisturizer
  • Reduce stress
  • Exercise and eat well

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